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Accommodated Exams is Western University's department that coordinates exams and assessments, both online and in-person, for students with disabilities who are registered with Accessible Education/Accessibility Services (King's) . Accommodated Exams and Accessible Education/Accessibility Services (King's) have partnered together to ensure your exams and assessments meet all required accommodations.

Student Assessment Booking Requirements:

I recognize that in order to write assessments with Accommodated Exams, it is my responsibility to:

  1. Understand fully that I may be prohibited from writing exams with Accommodated Exams if I commit a scholastic offence or violate my Code of Student Conduct.
  2. Submit an assessment booking for each non-final quiz, test, or exam that I intend to write with Accommodated Exams no later than 10 days before the date of the assessment. There is a separate deadline for final exams (December/April).
  3. Understand that if I fail to meet the above listed deadlines, I will be unable to write exams with Accommodated Exams.
  4. Confirm my exam arrangements by checking the schedule in my Examination Services Portal.
  5. Submit any changes to the exam date, time, and/or cancellations by emailing accommodatedexams@uwo.ca.

Please use your UWO E-mail Username and Password to Login

(i.e. if the UWO email is jsmith@uwo.ca, then the username is jsmith)


  • If you are unable to attend your scheduled assessment, please cancel your booking through the Examination Services Portal as soon as possible. To do so, click the 'Cancel Booking' button found in the 'Request History' section of your Examination Services Portal. Failure to attend your assessment will result in your accessibility counsellor being notified.

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