National Scholarship Application 2024 - 2025

DEADLINE: February 14, 2024 (11:59 pm EST)

2024-Feb-14 The deadline has passed for applications.


    With the exception of the International President's Entrance Scholarship applicants, National Scholarship applicants must be Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada. All applicants must have obtained a minimum overall academic average of 90% on all Grade 12 U/M courses (or equivalent), have applied for admission for full-time studies at main campus and be nominated by their school.


    The International President's Entrance Scholarships are reserved for international students. International students that are studying in Canada are eligible provided that they are not Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada.

    All other available scholarships are for students that are Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada. This includes students that are studying outside of Canada provided they meet the residency requirements.

    The deadline to submit the application (including nomination and all supporting documentation) is February 14, 2024.

    School Nomination:

    In order to be considered for the National Scholarship program a school nomination is required.

    The application includes a section titled 'Nomination Request Form'. The student must complete this section and their request for nomination will be sent out. You will be asked to enter the School Administrator's email address. An email with request along with instructions will be sent out to this email address. The request sent out will include student's request for a nomination AND the request for a transcript.

    Some schools have an internal process that students must follow in order to be considered for a nomination. Please check with your school (e.g., Guidance/Student Services Office) to obtain information for any internal process you may need to follow.

    Students should complete the section "Nomination Request Form" in advance in order to give the school time to consider and complete their request for a nomination.


    As part of the application there is a request for 1 reference letter.

    The application includes a section titled 'Assessor Request Form'. In this section the student will be asked to enter their selected assessor's email address and their request is sent out (to the assessor) along with instructions on how to provide a/the reference letter.

    Who can be your assessor? The Assessor must be a teaching /staff member at your school who is most familiar with your work (e.g. academic, extracurricular etc).

    *Once the emails are sent out, the student must follow up with the assessor and school administrator to let him/her know that the email has been sent and to advise them of the deadline to submit their comments/reference and nomination. It is the student's responsibility to follow up and make sure their application is complete and submitted by the deadline of February 14, 2024.


    One transcript is required to be submitted with this application. The transcript must be submitted by the school. The school will be able to upload the transcript to your application. Note: Transcript is for the National Scholarship Program only. It will not be used for admission application purposes.

    The request for the transcript is included in the email with request for nomination. Information on how to upload/provide the transcript will be included in the email that is sent to the school administrator. The DEADLINE for your school to provide the transcript is February 14, 2024.


    You are required to submit an original essay written by you on an issue important to you, of public concern. The length of the essay should be no less than 1000 words and no greater than 1250 words. You will have the ability to upload your essay (in pdf format) to the application. For further instructions: see the 'Essay' section in the on-line application.

    Access to National Scholarship application:

    In order to access the National Scholarship application you will need your OUAC reference number and date of birth. Please be advised that there is a delay between the date that you submit your admission application to OUAC and the date Western receives your information and it is uploaded to our system. It will be a minimum of 5 business days from the date that you submitted your admission application to OUAC before you are able to access the National Scholarship application.

    Please click below to access The National Scholarship Application.