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Students need to have the following information to be eligible

Students in Grade 12 or 12+ (ages 17-20):

  • experienced exceptional changes or challenges which might affect their post-secondary pathway
  • should have 24 credits, including ENG3U
  • demonstrated the ability to earn a 75% average in senior courses
  • been nominated by the Principal, Guidance Counsellor or Teacher of the secondary school
  • preference will be given to students who have met Western's requirements for English proficiency and /or completed one or more Grade 12 U or M level credits

Personal Information

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In order for a student to complete their online application for SWAU they must have their high school Credit Counselling Summary uploaded to our online system by their high school official. Please ensure the "School Official Contact Information" has been entered correctly, as an email will be sent to the official with further instructions.

School Official Contact Information

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Application Questions

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Interviews and Orientation Sessions

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Notice of Collection: The personal information provided on this form and any other correspondence relating to staff or student involvement in Board programs is collected by the Thames Valley District School Board under the authority of the Education Act and Regulations (R.S.O. 1990 c.E.2) as amended. The information will be used to register the student in a school as well as for any consistent purpose, and to share information with employees to carry out their job duties. In addition, the information may be used for matters of health and safety, or discipline and as required to be disclosed in compelling circumstances for law enforcement matters or in accordance with any other Act. For questions about this collection, contact the Board's Freedom of Information Co-ordinator, Thames Valley District School Board, 1250 Dundas Street, London, Ontario, N6A 5L1, Telephone 519-452-2000, Ext. 20218.