Music Administrative Studies Questionnaire

Personal Details

Instrument/Voice Experience

Performing Experience

Years at School

Years Outside School



Musical Theatre






Conservatory Certificates

Please list conservatory certificates for which you have qualified. Show only the highest grade level in each subject area. DO NOT send the certificates at this time.

Theory Instrument/Subject/Theory


Year Granted


I certify that I hold the certificates entered above.

Scholarships and Awards

Please list any scholarships, awards or prizes which you have received (or N/A):

High School Courses and Grades

List all courses taken in the last two years of high school and the mark received or current mark. List Grade 12 first followed by Grade 11.
The two courses shown below are required for entry into the Music Administrative Studies program:
    Grade 12 ENG4U English (required)
One of the following maths:
    Grade 12 MHF4U Advanced Functions
    Grade 12 MCV4U Calculus and Vectors
    Grade 12 MDM4U Math of Data Management

Music and Business-related Experience

Describe your music and experience to date; e.g. volunteer, paid employment, etc. (Limit of 3ooo characters):

Career Objectives in the Music Industry

Write a short essay describing your goals and aspirations. (Limit of 3ooo characters):