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About SDC's Groups:

Each group will incorporate a presentation of relevant material with discussion and practice of new strategies among group members. It is a place for students to learn about new skills, increase self-awareness and share their experiences with others. Groups are generally small ranging from 5-15 people. Group members are expected and encouraged to participate in group discussions. We ask that students not sign up for more than one group per term. Space is limited. Registration for groups is on this website

Groups involve 4 to 8 two-hour weekly sessions. If you are on the waiting list please attend the first session in order to determine if there will be room in the group.

All groups are free. To register for any group you would like to attend please click on the checkbox beside the title of the presentation(s) and press the 'Register' button at the bottom of the table.

Not open to public April 19, 2014 to April 30, 2014 not available yet WSS Room 3134
testing group restrictions.

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Group Descriptions

Drop in Groups

Mindfulness Meditation Drop-in

Talk: Talk About Life In Canada

International Women's Group

Multi-Week Commitment Groups

Emotion Regulation Group

Distress Tolerance Group

Mindfulness Meditation Group

Social Anxiety Group

Graduate Student Thesis and Support Group

Managing Anxiety and Stress Group

Healthy Communication Group

Depression Group (for Winter 2014)

Public Speaking Anxiety Support Group

Mood and Anxiety Management Group

Trans-Postive Mental Health Support Group