Psychological Services Groups


Each group will incorporate a presentation of relevant material with discussion and practice of new strategies among group members.  It is a place for students to learn about new skills, increase self-awareness and share their experiences with others.   Groups are generally small ranging from 5-15 people and typically involve 4 to 8 two-hour weekly sessions.  Group members are expected and encouraged to participate in group discussions.  We ask that students not participate in more than one group per term. Space is limited in every group. For more information please go to our FAQ page.

All Psychological Services Groups are approved activities for the co-curricular record.  However, please note that if you miss more than 2 group sessions, in one term that this activity cannot be verified on your co-curricular record.

It is the responsibility of the student to add any desired activities to their own co-curricular record. All psychological groups are listed as "SE Wellness Groups" for the activity name, regardless of the actual group name. For more information or to add a Psychological Services group as an activity to your co-curricular record please click here.

For more information please contact Psychological Services by phone at 519-661-3030 or visit us in-person UCC 11. For more information please go to our FAQ page

For more information please go to our FAQ page

All groups are free. To register for any group you would like to attend please click on the checkbox beside the title of the presentation(s) and press the 'Register' button at the bottom of the table.

No Groups are open for registration at this time.

For the Groups below, Register by Contacting our intake office at 519-661-3030


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